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Sylvain Cambreling in Tokyo

During the last two weeks of October, Sylvain Cambreling will conduct four performances with the Yomiuri Nippon Orchestra and international soloists.

Oct 19th at Suntory Hall with ANDREI IONIŢĂ (Cello)

BARTÓK: Dance Suite

BIZET: Symphony No. 1 in C major

DALBAVIE: Fantaisies pour violoncelle et orchestre de chambre (Japan Premiere)

SAINT-SAËNS: Cello Concerto No. 1 in A minor, op.

LIGETI: Concert Romanesc

Oct 25th at Suntory Hall with TATSUKI NARITA (Violin) and HIDEJIRO HONJOH (Shamisen)


ICHIYANAGI: Double Concerto for Violin and Shamisen (World Premiere)

DEBUSSY: Iberia (from "Images pour orchestre")

VARÈSE: Arcana

Oct 29/30th at Tokyo Metropolitan Theatre with SELINA OTT (Trumpet)

BIZET: L'arlesienne Suite 1 and 2

JOLIVET: Trumpet Concerto No. 2

FLORENT SCHMITT: La tragedie de Salome, op. 50


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