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Alexander Liebreich returns to Brno

Alexander Liebreich conducts the Brno Philharmonic Orchestra in two performances on 23rd and 24th April at the Besední dům in a programme entitled ' Messengers of Old'.

In January 2020 at Besední dům, Alexander Liebreich conducted a memorable performance of Tigran Mansurian’s Requiem. Impressed by the success of the first Czech performance of his Requiem (dedicated to the victims of the Armenian genocide of 1915), Mansurian decided to create for Filharmonie Brno an orchestral version of his quartet Agnus Dei.


JOSEPH HAYDN Symphony No. 26 in D minor

TIGRAN MANSURJAN Agnus Dei, version for orchestra

VALENTIN SILVESTROV Visnik (The Messenger)

JOSEPH HAYDN Symphony No. 79 in F major


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